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Structural Change Committee


The main focus of the Structural Change Committee has been the response of the NY Archdiocese to the Bishop’s Dallas Charter of 2002, especially with respect to the role of the laity. Toward that end we have researched the response of the Archdiocese, presented (to the West Side VOTF general membership) a preliminary overview of initiatives undertaken by the Archdiocese. We have also contacted local and national church representatives for additional information and have offered our assistance in providing a safe environment for children. Committee members are following up on the progress of the Safe Environment Program of the Archdiocese. In addition, we have discussed parish councils, financial accountability and communication with the broader lay community. And we are coordinating our efforts with other local VOTF affiliates to develop a more effective voice.

Accomplishments include:

Co-chairs: Cecelia Beirne and Pat Dempsey

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