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Everyone brings their own special talents and gifts to the affiliate. In order to hear everyone's voice and move forward on multiple issues, the membership has created four committees: Event Planning, Survivor Support, Prayerful Voice and Structural Change. These committees meet independently to identify goals and plan strategies for achieving them. People meet as small groups and bring about significant results. Members are encouraged to join the committee that resonates most deeply with them.

  • The Event Planning committee identifies powerful, knowledgeable, inspiring speakers and invites them to our monthly meetings and/or special events.
  • The Survivor Support committee works with survivor organizations to facilitate their healing.
  • The Prayerful Voice committee leads the membership in prayer at all meetings and plans prayerful activities: healing masses, stations of the cross, etc.
  • The Structural Change committee has many active subgroups with a variety of goals including identification of the existing structure of the church hierarchy and definition of the lay participation within.

Please read about the individual committee activities and then join one in the facilitation of healing for our Church.



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